Selling your home can be wrought with emotions. It is imperative to find an agent that you trust that is not only knowledgeable and up-to-date in this ever-changing market but that can also support you and negotiate the best possible deal for you.


A real estate agent's job, above all else, is consumer protection. When you sign an agency agreement with a broker (technically, in NC, it's her firm), you become her client, and that agent then has the legal responsibility to protect your interests. We are there to confide in, to advise, and to advocate for you throughout the selling process. The right real estate agent should put you at ease, provide you with the expertise you need, and put your interests above her own.  


Being informed about what to expect and how you can prepare both yourself and your home is invaluable.  This page provides links to interesting and informative articles about the selling process. Knowledge is power. Contact me with questions and we look forward to the opportunity to represent, advocate and guide you through this process!


Tips for first time home sellers: These useful tips simplify the process of selling your home.


Are you considering For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Please read this first.


Appraisals vs CMAs: Why the sale of your home ultimately requires both.  


Tips for preparing your home for sale: If you are thinking about selling your home in the next 12 months, here are some things to start doing now.


Working with Real Estate Agents in NC: Before you provide any personal information to an agent, understand your rights and ask questions! Link here for the Q&A from the NC Real Estate Commission