New construction is a significant area of real estate nationwide, and it is certainly booming in the Triangle! There is a significant shortage of homes available here compared to the number of consumers looking to buy, and it can be a lot of fun to envision a home and then actually watch it become reality.


Are you enticed by the idea of custom or semi-custom building your own home? Julie was too...and she did it! Take it from us, building a home, whether custom or semi-custom, is not for the faint of heart. The process is not like a standard residential re-sale, and we strongly recommend finding an agent who has experience in new construction and not just in re-sales. If you don't think you need an agent by your side, it is important to remember that the agent you meet at the model home works only for the builder, and the cost of a buyer's agent has already been figured into the price of your new construction home. Since you (almost certainly) will not receive this money back during negotiations, being represented is in your best interest. Thus, if you are serious about new construction, we recommend finding representation prior to even looking at any new construction homes. This will ensure your interests are best served throughout the process and that you have an advocate by your side if a future transaction takes place.  

At NCDRE, we are very knowledgeable about new construction, particularly with regards to what can go wrong.  Sharing these insights and supporting others throughout the build processes is something we are very passionate about. As such, it is one of our specialties and we welcome the opportunity to advocate for you in this process as well.

Call or email Julie today to get our journey started. If you are still contemplating whether new construction is right for you, there are some resources below to help you with this decision. Please reach out with any questions; as always, we are here to help.


Tips for new construction: This article is a great resource for beginning your new construction journey.


Secrets about new construction: Although this article is a couple years old, it is another great resource for understanding how new construction works.


Custom Home Builders in the Triangle: If you are interested in building a full, custom home and not a semi-custom tract build, this is an excellent resource for your search.


Working with Real Estate Agents in NC: Before you provide any personal information to an agent, understand your rights and ask questions!