Buying a home is emotional. From searching for that one property that just feels "right" to negotiating, financing, and then closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that must fall into place for you to realize this dream...and it can be overwhelming!


A real estate agent's job, above all else, is consumer protection. When you sign an agency agreement with a broker (technically, in NC, it's her firm), you become her client, and that agent then has the legal responsibility to protect your interests. We are there to confide in, to advise, and to advocate for you throughout the buying process. The right real estate agent should put you at ease, provide you with the expertise you need, and could be the difference in whether one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime goes off like dream or becomes a nightmare.    


This page provides links to interesting and informative articles about the buying process. Knowledge is power. Contact me with questions and when you are ready to start this journey together!


Tips for First-Time Home Buyers: Simplified tips for first-time home buyers in NC (or anywhere in the US).


Mortgage Calculator: An in-depth tool to understand how much house you can really afford.


Mortgage Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification: A pre-approved buyer is much more attractive to a seller. This article explains the differences between the two.


Qualifying for a Mortgage: What does a lender look for in a qualified buyer?  The 4C's explained in this article!


Working with Real Estate Agents in NC: Before you provide any personal information to an agent, understand your rights and ask questions! Link here for the Q&A from the NC Real Estate Commission